Your Story

Reflecting on Your Journey

“Courage—to tell the story of who you are with your whole heart.” — Brene Brown

Welcome to the second topic in the While You’re Waiting course. This one is all about the road you’ve taken to get where you are now.

In this module, we’ll explore poems, writing exercises and other ways of getting our story out on paper. Externalizing our problems and paths can help us to move forward and solve any issues that are causing us stress.

In the video, I’ll introduce a series of exercises, some who which have worksheets. After I introduce them, pause the video and complete the exercise. You can find any downloadable files below the video.

Let’s get started!


Additional Resources

  • Talking About What Happened
    Download Resource

    Sometimes finding the words to talk about something upsetting can be hard. If you are having difficulties talking about an upsetting or stressful situation, use this worksheet to help you talk about it with someone you trust.