Showing compassion for you

Welcome to the third module of the While You’re Waiting course.

All too often we get caught up in the bustle of life and don’t make enough time to put on our own oxygen masks before we start taking care of others. Then, we may criticize ourselves for not doing or being enough. This only makes things worse!

In order to be kinder to ourselves and reduce our stress levels, we need to practice more self-care and compassion.

In the video, I’ll introduce a series of worksheets. After I introduce them, pause the video and complete the exercise. You can find downloadable files below the video.

Let’s talk about why this is such an important topic.

While you go through the exercises, keep in mind that you are…


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What’s up next…

When you’re ready, the next module is called “Emotions.”

This module will help you not only spot different emotions but learn how to partner with them!

Understanding our emotions helps us to build better relationships, avoid and resolve conflicts better, and move past difficult feelings with more ease.