Who Are You?

Discover Your Character Strengths

Welcome to the fifth module of the While You’re Waiting course!

Do you know your strengths? If someone asked you to list them off, could you?

People tend to be happier and more satisfied in their lives when using their “strengths” on a regular basis. But to use them daily, we need to understand what they are, first!

Often, these are areas of our lives we feel drawn to—maybe they are areas where we learn fast and often or where others recognize our passions.

In the video, I’ll introduce a series of worksheets. After I introduce them, pause the video and complete the exercise. You can find downloadable files below the video.

Let’s dive into this topic together and discover your strengths!


What’s up next…

When you're ready, the next module is called "Communication."

Communication is the foundation of almost everything! This module will help you build strong relationships and better express what you observe, think, feel, want, and are willing to do.

Let’s learn about one of the most powerful skills you can have—being a great communicator!